The Android

A Short Sci-Fi Story by Mkuu Amani Friday 1st August 3000. 15:00 hrs. The Android’s operating system had been engaged. Across the length and breadth of the surface of its shining-silver humanesque-shaped form which stood motionless, erect and silent; a multitude of flashing, white lights scattered like a trillion high-speed, illuminous ant trails, as its … Continue reading The Android

My Interview With Martin Gethin

One of the massive highlights of 2018 for me was that I was able to interview the former IBF International Super Lightweight Champion, Martin Gethin. I originally published the interview for Midlands Boxing Culture on 9th February this year, which happens to be the date upon which my father passed away in 1980. 'Once a … Continue reading My Interview With Martin Gethin

Dear Diary, Who Killed Marjorie Pike?

The bloodied lifeless body of Marjorie Pike has been discovered on the grounds of the 'Peak Lodge' Guest House. Was she murdered? If so, by whom? At the Sign of "The Crippled Harlequin" is an intriguing tale that blends murder and mystery with humour and surprise against the backdrop of a snowy Christmas winter in a … Continue reading Dear Diary, Who Killed Marjorie Pike?